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Cooling Systems

Is it hotter in your house than it is outside?

We can help with…

  • AC Installation
  • A/C service and repair
  • Helpful tips to help your system work a little better
  • Upgrades to help your system
Helpful AC Tips From The Pros

Helpful resources on everything you need to know to keep your system running smoothly between check-ups.

Do it yourself maintenance

Do it yourself maintenance

Did you know that just by going to your outside unit and spraying the coil/fins off with a hose a couple times a year will help the efficiency and longevity of your system? By doing this you are keeping the coil cleaner allowing the unit to breathe and not...

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Ways to improve your electric bill

Ways to improve your electric bill

In the summertime try setting your thermostat up a degree or 2 at a time until your body gets used to that temperature, keep doing that until you have increased the temperature inside by about 4 degrees. Your body will adjust to the temperature difference...

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