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Most people think it’s a good idea to turn their system off when they go out of town to save on their electric bill but what they don’t realize is a lot more is happening that they don’t see. When you turn your system off in the summer and are gone for a period of time your house is heating up and with the humidity in the air it will cause mildew and even mold to start developing. By leaving your system on but just setting it a little higher then you normally would will help by removing the moisture and humidity in the house and reducing the chances of mildew and mold greatly. What about in the heating mode? Some people will set their thermostat really low when they are gone and then crank it back up when they return. By doing that they are causing the back electric heaters to come on and will drastically increase their electric bill more so then if they just set it down a couple degrees and letting the system work a little.

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